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The following devices (PCCards (PCMCIA), ExpressCards, mobile phones connected over USB or Bluetooth) are known to work with UMTSmon on Linux. Other devices may or may not work, your mileage may vary. Please help us out to get as broad coverage as possible!

Manufacturertype chipset autodetectPPP
OptionOriginal Vodafone 3G OPTI usb2serial, Qualcomm modem 0.50.5 Information on Linux support available on PHARscape.
Can be made to work using either the specialised Option usbserial driver or the regular Linux kernel usbserial module.
OptionAll GT cards NEC usb2serial, Qualcomm modem 0.10.4 USB interface with 3 or 4 usb ports - each connected to a usb2serial. Setup instructions available on PHARscape.
Can be made to work using either the specialised Option usbserial driver or the regular Linux kernel usbserial module.
OptionGE 0201 and GE 0301 (ExpressCard) [img] NEC usb2serial, Qualcomm HSDPA modem 0.50.5 for usbserial Different from the GT cards in that the ExpressCard slot provides USB directly. Depending on the firmware, this card is either a USB serial based card (use the option kernel driver) or an HSO device - see below. Setup instructions available on PHARscape.
OptionGT GPRS EDGE BroadCom 4306 0.30.7 This card is believed not to need any configuration work, apart from some radio tricks (implemented) and PPP (not implemented yet).
OptionFusion+ Nozomi 0.20.4 Setup instructions available on PHARscape. Requires a special Linux kernel module that is called 'nozomi'. It is not part of the standard kernel, but should be available in e.g. OpenSuse 10.2.
OptionHSO devices "HSO" 0.90.10 HSO is a specialized interface designed by Option for their HSPA modems. The PHARscape forum contains the drivers - it appears to also be added to the 2.6.27 kernel. Starting with 0.10, umtsmon support for these devices is usable.
Sony EricssonGC 79 / GC 86 BroadCom 4306 0.20.7 This card will be completely operational starting the 0.7 release.
Sierra WirelessAircard 775 [img]
AirCard 850
serial_cs 0.3, 0.70.7? Several people have noted problems with these cards, though these are solvable.
install info.
Sierra WirelessAircard 875 [img] NEC usb2serial, QualComm chipset 0.80.8 PCMCIA card. It appears not to support SMS sending.
Sierra Wireless / HP other Sierra Wireless and HP devices 0.90.9 We should have most GPRS/UMTS-based Sierra Wireless (and the corresponding HP) devices to work.
Novatel Wireless Merlin U530 serial_cs 0.3, 0.70.6 PCMCIA modem, reported working with the 0.6 release.
Novatel WirelessMerlin UMTS Modem U630 serial_cs 0.40.6 operational
Novatel WirelessMerlin HSDPA/UMTS Modem U740 [img] ? 0.4?0.6, updates in 0.8 5 (!) radio bands supported.
Novatel WirelessMerlin XU 870 3G HSDPA 3.6/7.2 Mbps ExpressCard [img] NEC usb2serial, Qualcomm modem 0.60.6 First umtsmon supported ExpressCard!
Still work in progress: operator selection doesn't work in 0.7...
Novatel Wirelessx950D 0.80.8 reported to work
DELLany usbserial 0.90.9 All known Dell cards are disguised Novatel devices. They should "just work".
Huawei TechnologiesHuawei Mobile E612 NEC usb2serial, unknown modem 0.40.4 sold in Germany by E-Plus.
This card looks remarkably similar to the Option GT cards, but misses several Option-specifics.
Works using the standard Linux usbserial module.
Huawei TechnologiesHuawei Mobile E620 [img] Huawei usb2serial, unknown modem 0.70.7 sold in Germany by E-Plus.
Huawei TechnologiesHuawei Mobile E169 / E170 / E172 / E220 / E270 / E800 Huawei usb2serial, unknown modem 0.70.8/0.9 Really useful operational starting 0.9, but autodetection has some issues, depending on your kernel version. Starting version 2.6.20 (and extended in 2.6.24), the Linux kernel will recognize this as a ZeroCD device and switch it to usbserial operation immediately.
MotorolaMotoMAGX-based cell phones (like the RAZR2 V8) FreeScale iMX31 with unknown baseband 0.70.8 Available all over the world. This Linux-based cell platform does allow USB2Serial connections now. We still have to fixup bluetooth connections to work.
ToshibaG450 looks like a Qualcomm baseband 0.100.10 The Toshiba G450 is a stylish HSDPA modem that also is usable as a phone.
Samsung Y3100 (build in Samsung NC10) QualcommMSM6290 0.9 0.9 tested with openSUSE 11.1 and seifes "DNS-hack" to get umtsmon work with NetworkManager.
Ericsson F3507g ??? 0.10 0.10 This modem has two different modes of operation. The CDC_Ether approach does not work in umtsmon, we treat the device as a ACM modem.

The following cards are unknown or known NOT to work with UMTSmon, either because there is no Linux support or because we don't know how to enable it...

Manufacturertype chipset remarks
Novatel Merlin X950D 3G 7.2 ExpressCard - HSUPA/HSDPA Networks Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset Official Linux supported!
4G Systems any ??? Apart from the XSPlus3 (see below), any other card by 4G systems is untested at this moment.
4G Systems XS Plug3 [img] Atmel USB hub, Qualcomm or Siemens modem The branded T-Mobile web'n'walk box has been tried and is known not to work with umtsmon (yet). Like the Option Icon, it starts as a usb_storage and must be switched to modem mode. It should then appear as /dev/ttyACM*.
Motorola Linux based phones Intel/Marvell XScale processor, probably Qualcomm or BroadCom radio All old Moto Linux phones I've tried (the A760, A780, E680, 1200 Ming) can be contacted with a USB cable over /dev/ttyACM0 but refuse PPP connections. The new MotoMAGX based phones do work, see above.
Autodetection from 0.6 on.
Motorola non-Linux based phones various processors and basebands, including FreeScale/Qualcomm/Broadcom The Moto SLVR 7 is autodetected (/dev/ttyACM0), SMS'ing works, binding to a network is expected operational in version 0.8.
Kyocera KPC650 (as sold by Verizon in USA) NEC usb2serial / Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM Using insmod usbserial vendor=0x0c88 product=0x17da does result in 2 serial ports, but none respond to AT commands.
autodetection implemented in 0.6
Sony Ericsson P990i phone with USB cable NXP 4008 with probably Qualcomm radio Autodetected but fails. Support for this phone (/dev/ttyACM0 through /dev/ttyACM2)is ongoing for 0.7.
Verizon Verizon PC5750 Qualcomm W-CDMA (Image) This PCCard device is very special. It has no SIM Card interface, it comes up with a /dev/ttyACM0 for USB IDs (0x106c, 0x3702), claiming to be from a vendor called Pantech. It does respond to AT commands, but most of the standard ETSI commands are returning ERROR, including dialling, SIM/PIN handling and device identification. The card is sold by Verizon to work on their National network only, this probably explains the feature reduction.
autodetection implemented in 0.8, with message.
any any CDMA or EV-DO based device any As EV-DO devices do not follow the ETSI specifications, they cannot be operated using umtsmon.

If you have an unsupported device or if you are a manufacturer or operator, please contact Klaas (kvangend at users.sf.net) if you want to have support added to umtsmon.

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