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Source Code

Umtsmon is developed in an open fashion on SourceForge. This means that all the source code, in all versions is available in the CVS section of SourceForge. At specific times, we make releases. The source code of the releases is available at the download section of SourceForge.

Release Binaries

At specific times, we make releases. The lead developer (Klaas) only builds the binary for general usage - not specific to any Linux distribution. These are made available through the download section of SourceForge.


Seife made the openSuse build system build umtsmon RPMs for several Linux distributions. The results are linked on the openSuse wiki page for umtsmon.
Currently, we have RPM builds for:
  • openSuse
  • Fedora
  • Mandriva
  • Suse Linux


For Gentoo, Klaas and Lubomir maintain the ebuild, which is still ~x86 and ~amd64 masked. Usually the new ebuild will be available within days after a new release.

Debian, Ubuntu

For Debian, some .deb files are available, but these are not maintained in a coordinated fashion yet.

Snapshot binaries

The opensuse build system also builds so-called "nightly build" of the CVS sources. These builds are sometimes highly experimental as code may be broken due to new functionality. However, in many cases, all the new stuff and fixes may be only available in these nightly builds for a few months.

Before using a nightly build, please subscribe to the umtsmon-develop mailing list.

You can find the snapshot binaries at Seife's repository, each CVS build is recognizable as such because the version will be "X.Y.90" and the CVS snapshot date is in the file name.

UMTSmon (C) 2006,2007,2008 Klaas van Gend and others, licensed under the GPL v2 license hosted by SourceForge.net: Sponsored by NLNet Foundation:
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