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Introduction, listing the most common European mobile network technologies:

NLUUG autumn conference, september 14 2006, Ede, The Netherlands

The dutch NLUUG organises a conference twice a year on Unix or Open standards / Open Source.
This autumn's conference was about IP Communication and hosted a presentation by Klaas van Gend on UMTS.

OLS Ottawa Linux Symposium, ### 2007, Ottawa, Canada

Klaas presented the state of umtsmon at the conference. Not many attendees for that session, but the paper is more comprehensive and up-to-date than the above one.

Christofer Wesseling's internship at T-Mobile

Starting October 2006, Christofer did an internship at T-Mobile Germany in Münster. During this period, he improved umtsmon a lot. The paper and his presentation show his view on umtsmon and UMTS and Linux in general and introduce his work.

Programmer's Documentation

CVS and releasing

The following are two halfway-finished documents on CVS and releasing.

Internationalisation (i18n)


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