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NLNet Foundation logoNLNet Foundation: Chief sponsor of UMTSmon
The NLNet Foundation has sponsored purchasing many of the currently supported devices:

  • Option Icon 225, GlobeTrotter GE0201
  • Novatel U740, U630
  • Sierra Wireless 860, AC881U

The following other organisations have sponsored UMTSmon

  • Sourceforge.net hosts the umtsmon website
  • Opentux pays for part of Klaas' infrastructure, including several devices
  • MontaVista pays for part of Klaas' infrastructure
  • Telfort Dutch operator (temporarily) provided a Sierra Wireless Aircard 775 in 2006
  • Orange Dutch operator (temporarily) provided a Sony Ericsson GC79 in 2006
  • KPN Dutch operator (temporarily) provided an Option GT 3G in 2006
  • T-Mobile Dutch operator (temporarily) provided an Option Fusion+ 3G HSDPA in 2006
  • T-Mobile Germany sponsored Christofer to do his internship on umtsmon in 2007.

And of course, there are many individuals who helped out and provided guidance. See authors page.

UMTSmon (C) 2006,2007,2008 Klaas van Gend and others, licensed under the GPL v2 license hosted by SourceForge.net: Sponsored by NLNet Foundation:
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