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How to create an Eclipse project for umtsmon from CVS

Note: the below is done using MontaVista's version of Eclipse, called DevRocket. However, as we don't touch any of MontaVista's extra features, this should work on any other Eclipse 3.2.1 as well.

Please make sure that your Eclipse is using a real Java Virtual Machine and not GCJ. ###: add how to find out here.

Setup CVS access

  • start Eclipse.
  • Click on menu: File -> Import...
  • choose CVS - projects from CVS
  • click Next>
  • host: umtsmon.cvs.sourceforge.net
  • repository path: /cvsroot/umtsmon
  • user: anonymous
  • pass: (leave empty)
  • connection type: pserver
  • click Next>

  • select use existing module
  • click on umtsmon
  • click Next>
  • check out as project configured new project wizard
  • select HEAD
  • click Finish

      New Project Wizard

      Eclipse now will immediately continue with the "New Project Wizard".
      • standard make C++
      • project name: umtsmon-anoncvs
      • click Next>
      • click on tab Error Parsers
      • disable Visual C error parser
      • click on Binary Parsers
      • only leave ELF parser and GNU Elf parser enabled
      • click on ###, set C/C++ Indexer: to fast
      • click Finish

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