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How to release the next version of umtsmon

CVS server: umtsmon.cvs.sourceforge.net
login: kvangend
passwd: #######

obtaining a new tree

Do this when you are in a directory that does not contain a subdir umtsmon yet. This command will prompt for the password and then create a directory umtsmon in your current folder.

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 -d:ext:kvangend@umtsmon.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/umtsmon co -P umtsmon

updating an existing tree

Do this when you are inside the umtsmon directory

cvs -qz9 update -dP

adding new files to a repository

Do this when you are inside the umtsmon directory.

  • The -kb should be added when a file is a binary, e.g. an image.
  • The -ko should be added to note to CVS not to touch any of its contents, i.e. no revision string updating.

    cvs add [-ko -kb] [filename] [more filenames]

    committing all changes to a repository

    Do this when you are inside the umtsmon directory

    cvs -n commit -m "checkin message" [optional list of filenames]
    cvs commit -m "checkin message" [optional list of filenames]

    comparing against a repository

    Do this when you are inside the umtsmon directory.
    Every flag after diff is passed on to diff, so pass your favourite diffing flags here.

  • The -Nuw means "new means empty" "unified output" "ignore whitespace".
  • The --brief means "only show that files differ, do not go into details".

    cvs diff -Nuw [filenames]
    cvs diff --brief [filenames]


    version numbering

    According to Seife (with some modifications by Klaas), we should use the following version numbering:

    • 0.5-$x, 0.6-$x, 0.7-$x (with $x being the RPM buildnumber) for final releases
    • 0.7.1-$x for eventually needed intermediate releases (think "security fix")
    • 0.5.9.$date-$x for intermediate CVS snapshots, whatever is in CVS then, i.e. 0.6-alpha
    • 0.5.91.$date-$x once we reached "0.6 RC1" stage
    • 0.5.92.$date-$x once we reached "0.6 RC2" stage

    This means, that if you do a regular release, you'll have to change the version number inside the software (in umtsmon_global.h) accordingly.
    After you've made the release, be sure to update the file again to put the new number in it.

    cvs update -R

    There shouldn't be any locally modified files or unknown files (starting with a question mark). Now we're going to tag the files for a release:

    cvs tag -R [releasename]

    Moving of existing tags to a different revision is also possible, but shouldn't happen. If you really need it, here's how:

    cvs tag -F [label] [filename]

    Note that within tags several characters are not allowed, including the space and the dot.
    We're now going to checkout based on the above tag.

    mkdir [temp dir]
    cd [temp dir]

    export CVS_RSH=ssh
    cvs -z3 -d:ext:kvangend@umtsmon.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/umtsmon checkout -r umtsmon0_9 -P umtsmon

    We now have a directory with the sources in the right tagging. Let's fixup for the source release

    export UMTSV=umtsmon-0.3
    mv umtsmon $UMTSV
    find . -name CVS -exec rm -rf {} \;

    The find probably did return a few "No such file or directory" errors, that's not a problem.

    tar czvf $UMTSV.src.tar.gz $UMTSV/*

    Rest of the procedure:

    • build it:
      make -C $UMTSV
      lrelease $UMTSV/umtsmon.pro
      strip $UMTSV/*
      cp $UMTSV/images/128/umtsmon-128x128.png $UMTSV
    • create a binary archive of the binary/binaries:
      tar czvf $UMTSV.i386.tar.gz $UMTSV/umtsmon $UMTSV/README $UMTSV/COPYING $UMTSV/AUTHORS $UMTSV/TODO $UMTSV/INSTALLING $UMTSV/umtsmon-128x128.png $UMTSV/umtsmon.desktop $UMTSV/i18n/*.qm
    • test the binary again, do not forget to verify some translations
    • create Changelog:
      Run the umtsmon-changelog script with appriopriate tags, e.g.:
      ./umtsmon-changelog --start-tag umtsmon0_8_91 --end-tag umtsmon0_9
    • upload the files to sourceforge ( see sourceforge docs)
    • go to admin website to create a release.
      • pick the right name and click "Add Release"
      • enter the right release name, e.g. "umtsmon-0.9rc1"
      • Step 1:
        upload/paste the release notes and the Change Log and click Submit/Refresh
      • Step 2:
        pick the right files and click Add Files and/or Refresh View
      • Step 3:
        set the right properties per file and click Update/Refresh
      • Step 4:
        verify the above and check I'm sure. Then click Send Notice.
  • annouce it
    • on the SF website - that is a separate action!
    • on Freshmeat click "add release"
    • on PharScape
    • etc.

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